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Les Rogers’ New Book



Rollovers, Rattlesnakes & UFOs

…and other Wild West adventures

Rollovers, Rattlesnakes & UFOs is a fascinating spiritual memoir depicting the power of trust and how to stay positive through life’s trying and extraordinary experiences. This modern day “Wild West” adventure has a take on life’s occurrences that give deeper meaning than what meets the physical eye. The eight compelling true-life stories are a breath of fresh air, even when they leave you breathless. You’ll rediscover your soul all over again.

ISBN:  1-932657-76-2  ~ 263 pages  ~ Trade paperback  ~ $16.95

Wide Audience Appeal
Rollovers, Rattlesnakes & UFOs will attract those who seek uplifting energy to inspire their lives. It can bring comfort to their world by helping them realize the greatness and purpose of their existence. The book can also help many reconnect with their grandest dreams and guide them to the importance in sharing these dreams with others. It can perhaps breathe new life into a person which in turn can give them clearer sight to a clearer vision of the beauty in every experience, no matter how frightening it may be.

To The Media
Les has worked in broadcasting for more than thirty years in the capacity of news, sports, entertainment, and video production. He is called upon for speaking engagements on the subjects he writes about and other inspirational topics.

For interviews and appearances, please contact Les or Publicist, Rada K. Tierney at:
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