Sonoran Desert Landscape


“This book definitely makes you think outside the box. Read it with an open mind and you won’t want to put it down.
  --Sue Hughes, Phoenix, AZ

 “Rollovers, Rattlesnakes & UFOs is one of a kind. You will look long and hard to find another book that will hold your interest like this one. Les shares his personal soul journey adventure honestly, lovingly and with great humor and insight. And what an adventure it is! He is challenged body, mind and spirit and uses those challenges to find the true meaning to his existence. His gift to us is that we, through his experiences, find the deeper meaning to life that we are searching for. Les shares with us how he kept his faith and used his difficult opportunities to become more loving and positive, and ultimately of greater service. Les walks his talk, he doesn’t know a stranger and he is one of the most positive, loving and caring souls you will ever meet – both on the pages of this book and in life.
  --Anne Puryear, Author: STEVEN LIVES! and MESSAGES FROM GOD
     The Logos Center, Scottsdale, AZ

“This is a compelling life story of Divine intervention. Les’s story is a web of events that lead undeniably to the presence of a state of knowingness that is constantly guiding our lives. If only we could learn to listen to it.”
  --Hub Goddard, Temecula, CA

“The first time I read ROLLOVERS, RATTLESNAKES & UFOs, I simply could not put it down. Each time I read it again, I learned something new. Among the many feelings which this powerful book evokes, I am always left with a comforting sense of peace and a very real and meaningful connection with its author.”
  --Susan Boyd, J.D., Director and Endowed Fellow of Business Law, University of Tulsa
“Your father would be proud of you.”
  --Jessie Formica, Les’s mom