Sonoran Desert Landscape



     My left shoulder and six ribs exploded simultaneously within in me punching the air out of my lungs and leaving me breathless. My ribs snapped like toothpicks in my chest and back. I was sure my back was broken. I never took another breath during the long ensuing rolls. I couldn’t.

SNAKE BIT, page 127

I reached for the largest rock and to my total shock a third rattlesnake went buzzing. My hand was so close I could have touched it. I could tell the snake was large enough to have struck me in the face or somewhere else on my upper body.
     This time I let out more than just a yell. I shrieked in total fear as I flew backwards. It almost took my breath away. I was grateful it didn’t sink its fangs in me.
     Diana screamed a very shrill scream, and as I turned to her, I heard her murmuring something in a very frantic way. She actually tried to jump onto the cave’s wall and latch herself to it. She just wanted to get off the ground. For a moment, I thought that another snake might have even bitten her. I didn’t know what to think.


My UFOs, page 142
     Stewart took notice, but Mike just kept his eyes on the road. Stewart and I tried to figure out what it was. It was very different from anything I had ever seen, but I thought that whatever it was should be explainable once we got closer. When we were within four hundred yards, the craft looked much too large to be a helicopter.
     “I don’t think that’s a helicopter. It’s just too big and too still.” I was overwhelmed with amazement.
     As we got closer, I could see that the lights were in a V shape on the underside of a perfectly still and soundless triangular vessel. We were around one hundred and fifty yards from it and it looked larger than the structure it was fixed over.