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Rollovers, Rattlesnakes & UFOs is a fascinating spiritual memoir depicting the power of trust and how to stay positive through life's trying and extraordinary experiences. This modern day "Wild West" adventure has a take on life's occurrences that give deeper meaning to our existence than what meets the physical eye. The eight compelling true-life stories are a breath of fresh air, even when they leave you breathless. You will rediscover your soul all over again.

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Rollovers, Rattlesnakes & UFOs

You may be wondering by the title of this book what these things have in common. The common denominator is that they all represent happenings in my life. These and other events have moved me to share with you a number of not so ordinary experiences and the insights they have given me. Spur-of-the-moment photo with some hometown friends.

I am sharing these writings out of truth, love, sincerity and a little humor. I hope my words inspire you about you and help you trust in the greatness of who and what you are. In turn, this will bring you more insight into the greatness of the human experience.

This book is not about religion, politics, or "God" in particular, but of life-altering experiences in my life. These experiences can be defined as unusual, natural, supernatural or paranormal. However, I see them as spiritual in nature and relating to all of us and not just me.

As you read through these pages, please read with eyes, mind, heart and soul of lightness and openness. More importantly, always believe in you more than these words. Let your mind, heart, and soul tell you what to believe.

I know these stories will resonate in your pursuit of knowing who you are and what your place in the universe actually is. Many will recognize what I have written because they have been there. After reading this, you might realize that you have been there, too.